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i mostly a humanoid..and an octopodic physucturalist....
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September 11th 2009
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Re: miniDV output for 16:9 screening event
by Rafael Amador 9 years ago
zeynep ayguler "In my situation, the best solution seems to convert 4;3 720X576 pal material to 16;9 anamorphic ratio by leaving vertical black bars (pillars) on each side of the frame..(I dragged fo
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Re: Pixel aspect - Quicktime vs. FCP - Again, Please.
by David Roth Weiss 11 years ago
Collin Alexander "Dennis' solution is great. I didn't know you could change the properties in Quicktime. That's exactly what I needed to do. I just change the dimensions from 720 x 480 to 640 x 480,
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@zeynep ayguler
by Chris Heuer 9 years ago
It appears Imagineer took down my tutorials. I am re-posting them on Vimeo. Here are the new links! http: vimeo.com 18351759 http: vimeo.com 18352889 There are some different 3D conversion techniques
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