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I'm an editor for an independant film production company. I want to get much more into graphics and FX...I'd like to be expert in these things!
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September 13th 2007
Western United States
Motion path...
by yurkalpix 12 years ago
Hey! I'm new to the Cow... so this is my first post. I'm excited to get started though! Ok... I'm an editor and I'm trying to learn Motion. I think it's a great app... anyway, I have 2 questions. Firs
Re: Motion path...
by Winston A. Cely 12 years ago
Try the tutorials: http: www.motionsmarts.com Winston A. Cely Editor Owner Della St. Media, LLC "If God could do the tricks we can do, He'd be a happy Man." - Peter O'Toole - "The Stuntman" Mac Pro 3G
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