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Asked to steal
by wiremu harpuka 9 years ago
Hi there I wanted to ask (and also vent) about acquisition issues. I am a freelance editor and in the past 4 weeks have been asked to steal audio for clients. Both times it has been put another way an
Re: Asked to steal
by wiremu harpuka 9 years ago
Thanks for your comment - sound advice (so to speak). Unfortunately, or perhaps otherwise, I am not always at the level of dealing with Legal Departments, In this case it is a small company making vid
FCPX FAQ, offensive???
by Ron Thompson 9 years ago
I tried to stay away, but after reading the new FAQ page on the Apple site, it just pissed me off again. YES, we hope and expect and pray for MUCH NEEDED upgrades to FCPX, but don't act like the softw
Re: FCPX FAQ, offensive???
by wiremu harpuka 9 years ago
What is up with the shouty style Calm down. And no, that is not what "PRO" means. Furthermore you are certainly not at any mature level in grammar, nor spelling.
Interesting Opinion...
by Mike Petty 9 years ago
So I am playing golf with my pal the corporate attorney this morning (not my company's attorney mind you...I could never afford this dude) and we're talking about the sturm and drang over FCP X. His r
Re: Interesting Opinion...
by wiremu harpuka 9 years ago
Yeah, I'm with Stefan on this. "See ya...dumbass" How old is this attorney; 14 .
Are you lucky?
by Jeremy Doyle 10 years ago
I just ran across this video from the CEO & founder of GoDaddy.com about being lucky and successful. I thought I'd share it here because of the subject matter And I found the video to be entertaining,
Re: Are you lucky?
by wiremu harpuka 10 years ago
I am lucky and successful because I did not waste more than 30 seconds watching it.
The Art of Editing...
by Shane Ross 10 years ago
...according to Tyler Perry, is simply knowing when from the long shot, to the close up, to the medium shot, to the wide shot. I guess. If cinemotography is just pointing a light at the subject and tu
Re: The Art of Editing...
by wiremu harpuka 10 years ago
Well put!
Multi frame rate/size/type workflow
by wiremu harpuka 10 years ago
Hi there I'm hoping someone can help me out with workflow as am having a brain meltdown. I have a project, just in, which I will edit on FCP 7 and maybe some post using AE CS4. I only have, with me a
Re: Multi frame rate/size/type workflow
by wiremu harpuka 10 years ago
Arnie- thanks so much for your sage advice and clear explanation. I will dwell on this and await confirmation of my delivery specs'...I will look at the Compressor Docs' as you suggest but my head sta
Invig and Lux
by Nidocamen 14 years ago
Is there anyone else who uses Invigorator and also Lux (from www.trapcode.com) Lux is great because it creates the visualization of light sources in AE. My problem is that the Lux lights seem to shine
Re: Invig and Lux
by wiremu harpuka 14 years ago
yeah hi, i just tried it, and found that if you apply Lux to a solid above the Invigorator 3d layer and change that solid's layer mode to, add it seems to work... does this help
Free blue/green screen videos for experimentation
by Syed Iqbal 15 years ago
Where could one find royaltee free short videos with blue green background for motion graphics experimentaion I would have tried searching the net but it yields hundreds or thousands of links, so if a
Re: Free blue/green screen videos for experimentation
by wiremu harpuka 15 years ago
there you go...http: demo.ribbitfilms.com
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