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disrespectful users
by Wat Is Fictie 9 years ago
I just read the email from Creative Cow about moderators being phoned up by Creative Cow visitors. I think it's disrespectful and so rude to phone moderators. What are these people thinking
Re: disrespectful users
by Ronald Lindeboom 9 years ago
The ones who always amaze me, Mike, are the ones who when you suggest that they post online so that they get more than one opinion and also so that others may benefit from the discussion, they cuss yo
Monitor Calibration
by Aaron 14 years ago
What is the easiest way to calibrate all of my computer monitor displays so that they have the same approximate colorspace representation in all my edit suites ie: the Graphics station Monitor does no
Re: Monitor Calibration
by Wat Is Fictie 9 years ago
Yes, this was good enough, thanx!
4:2:2 codec
by Antony Christie 9 years ago
Hi all, I have recently been messing around do some green screen stuff, but the results leave a little to be desired. I read a good article on best practices (sorry can't remember where now) in which
Re: 4:2:2 codec
by Tim Kolb 9 years ago
Both the KiPro and the nanoFlash have their sweet spots... The KiPro really isn't designed for that "attach to the back of the camera like another wireless mic receiver" portability, but it has a fra
Wat Is Fictie liked this 9 years ago
EX3 Matte box/shoulder mount set up. Advice please.
by Paul Crowe 10 years ago
Hi there, I looked for a thread about this and came up with one for the EX1 handheld support but answers weren't really appropriate in this case... I'm currently in the market for an EX3 Matte box sho
Re: EX3 Matte box/shoulder mount set up. Advice please.
by Wat Is Fictie 9 years ago
What about this combi: https: thecinecity.com tcc product.php productid=298 https: thecinecity.com tcc product.php productid=186 I have no experience with it, but the matte box looks ok
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