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Video stutter on pan and/or zoom
by Ken Cordes 7 years ago
I have a problem that I just can't solve and I have done absolutely every imaginable way to trouble shoot the problem. My problem is that the video will snag or stutter on a pan or a zoom pan. I never
Re: Video stutter on pan and/or zoom
by virgil lewis 4 years ago
do you have steady shot off it can cause symptoms, also check your shutter speed.
SxS-1 card issue
by Kale Zimny 5 years ago
We shoot on PMW-320 cameras and use SxS-1 cards. Usually there are no issues, but once in a while we get this problem. Shoot all day on a 32gb SxS-1 card. Camera shows time is being taken off the tota
Re: SxS-1 card issue
by virgil lewis 4 years ago
I may be new at this, but if you mix std footage and hd footage on the same card, you could have these symptoms. On some cameras, and have to change resolution settings to view the card.
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