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PNG - No Alpha?
by urbantruth 14 years ago
So I have then elemnts made on the final cut timeline and want to export them as a PNG and keep the alpah channel or preserve the transparncy and it used to work just by clicking file export using qui
Apple's DRM
by urbantruth 14 years ago
when you download a tv show from iTunes you, you can't burn a disc. i have a client who would like to encode their video podcast the same way. any thoughts on how to do this
Can't open in soundrack
by urbantruth 14 years ago
I can't open my video clip in soundtrack from final cut. the sound track pro audio file is ghosted out, but the multitrack project is not. if i do the multitrack project it dosen't let me select any o
Re: Can't open in soundrack
by Peter 14 years ago
highlight what you want to send
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