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Error Audio filter is applying to all audio layers
by toby lakeman 7 years ago
Hi I'm only selecting one audio layer and the audio filter I apply applies to all audio layers. I have restarted my computer, started a new project and still getting the same error. Can anyone please
Cinema 4D Courses in Sydney?
by toby lakeman 9 years ago
Hi, I am looking for a good introduction course to Cinema 4D I use After Effects, Premiere and Final Cut Pro. I am also looking into advanced After Effects courses to develop my skills. Thanks if you
Project will not render - Any ideas?????
by toby lakeman 9 years ago
I made animated a path and can not render it out. I have worked with after effects for years and never had a problem rendering out a job. I have animated a path and attached a screenshot. Tried a quic
Re: Project will not render - Any ideas?????
by toby lakeman 9 years ago
Thank you it was set as a guide layer. I have not used these before but that was the problem cheers again.
Australian Broadcast colours for TV
by toby lakeman 10 years ago
Hi, Im making a TV commercial for Australian TV and i want to work out the best way to make sure blacks are clipped in after effects. I use the vector scope in prem for rgb colours. I noticed in colou
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