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video editing
by ting lee 7 months ago
My company is working on a 2-min post-event video. Can someone please suggest the best platform to look for video editors Thanks in advance!
Re: video editing
by Graham Quince 7 months ago
Seeing as you re on an Adobe forum, you could take a look at Premiere Elements. A basic two minute video though doesn t require much in the software and you just need something that s easy to learn. w
Project with Glow Scribble Effect
by ting lee 8 months ago
Hi, I got a project that needs to apply "glow scribble effects". (Reference: https: www.youtube.com watch v=zTnRXFg9Wj8) I'm looking for someone who has similar experiences before to connect with.
Re: Project with Glow Scribble Effect
by Michael Szalapski 8 months ago
Are you looking for someone to teach you how to do the effect or are you looking to hire someone to do that effect for you - The Great Szalam (The 'Great ' stands for 'Not So Great, in fact, Extremely
video with glow scribble effect
by ting lee 8 months ago
I got a project of a promo video with using glow scribble effects. so I am looking for people who have experience with scribble glow effect, and hopefully to connect with them Reference video: https:
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