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fcpx or not?
by Rainer Wirth 7 years ago
one year has gone by, since FCPX was released. To us, it hasn't met a professional editors standard. We have still got one workstation fcp latest version running with snow leopard. The new workstation
Re: fcpx or not?
by Eric Santiago 7 years ago
Avid editor for many years, love FCPX. Feels like taking a shower under a waterfall in Hawaii compared to MC at times ;) All kidding aside,they are both tools that we can all use. If you cant afford C
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Apple are hilarious
by Aindreas Gallagher 7 years ago
quote in this bit: http: Press-Center Daily-News 2012 Apple-reveals-future-FCP-X-update-plans.aspx so the quote goes.. "Apple also pointed out.. that reports suggest.. that the co
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Re: Apple are hilarious
by Chris Harlan 7 years ago
Aindreas Gallagher "besides which - I never mentioned thunderbolt anyway I don't get why that was the response to the link I posted. " That's sort of a hit-and-run mantra the guy has for everything.
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upgrade 10.0.4 ???
by Andy Borowa 8 years ago
Look at Balckamgic: What's new in Desktop Video 9.2.1 Support for Final Cut Pro X 10.0.4 !!!!!! -- Pozdro Andy
Re: upgrade 10.0.4 ???
by Chris Harlan 8 years ago
Walter Soyka "Rebuilt into what " I've been using the new Apple TV (I've had the old ones for some time) and it REALLY works. Over the weekend, I made iPhone videos of Easter egg hunts and related ad
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Aindreas Gallagher 8 years ago
please do craig for gods sake substantively raise gui responsiveness in this new fcpx software.
Final Cut Pro in Ads - Everything Changed
by Christian Schumacher 8 years ago
http: watch v=pPYMqGrA3xk http: watch v=Gqgdf9ktHmU
Re: Final Cut Pro in Ads - Everything Changed
by Aindreas Gallagher 8 years ago
I don't think pulling 32 bit iMovie code into 64 bit FCPX code is a corporate moon shot. Seriously - try the timeline audio-peaking. its literally identical. the idea that apple had to go to software
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Working Over the weekend...
by Greg Burke 8 years ago
Hey all I just picked up a gig that has me booked all weekend, I just got a email explaining the work were doing. Were packing and shipping all Macpros out of the Facility. (are are 30 towers) We'll b
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Re: Working Over the weekend... NOW: Back to Mac Pro speculation
by Mark Bein 8 years ago
Frank Gothmann "When the Xserve was dropped they said "nobody's buying them". Does that mean nobody was is buying server hardware anymore Of course not. They just didn't buy Apple's servers. If they
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