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DVD ripper
by stig olsen 1 year ago
Hi, Probably wrong forum but couldnt find any software unspesific. Can you recommend any free ones I have tried Mkv and it works fine. I want to try one that has no watermarks or limitations on the tr
Re: DVD ripper
by stig olsen 1 year ago
Hi Dave, I'm on Windows 10, and the software is what I'm looking for but I have tried MKV. Best, Stig
Link / Unlink
by stig olsen 2 years ago
Hi, When conforming in edit mode, I right click a clip to change it. That also change other clips later down the timeline that belong to the same source. Could I disable this "linking" I remember that
Disable grey area
by stig olsen 2 years ago
Hi, I finally switched to the latest version from 11 of Resolve and I can't find the "disable grey area"-button when adding a mask window on a node. It would be great if you could help me find it. Sti
Re: Disable grey area
by Tero Ahlfors 2 years ago
By disable gray area button you probably mean the highlight toggle Press shift+H
Red anchor point
by stig olsen 2 years ago
Hi, I need to put the anchor point in the middle of a text, using the pan behind tool. It had never been a problem until now. All of a sudden I see that the grey anchor point is hidden behind a red an
Re: d anchor point
by Walter Soyka 2 years ago
It's even easier in Ae CC 12.1 and higher, where there's a "Center Anchor Point in Layer Content" command in the Layer Transform menu. Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Home (PC) or Cmd+Opt+Home (Mac). Walter Soyka
Shadow around a letter
by stig olsen 2 years ago
Hi, How can I create a shadow around a letter Drop obviously dont work because it cast shadows on only one side. Thanks, Stig
Re: Shadow around a letter
by stig olsen 2 years ago
Thank you!
Christmas effect
by stig olsen 2 years ago
Hi, I'm working on a spot with a host talking in the camera in a christmas setting. I would like to introduce some graphic elements while she is talking and I would like to introduce the elements in a
Re: Christmas effect
by Joseph W. Bourke 2 years ago
Stig - Another idea (which I've used several times over the years) is to grab (a photo) or create a string of lights as a frame or pattern, then use colored lens flares to make them glow, or flash on
Card dance
by stig olsen 2 years ago
Hi, Is it possible to do a card dance effects between two objects Or pictures in this case. Stig
Re: Card dance
by stig olsen 2 years ago
Hi Dave, I want the hat to break up into fractured pieces and the fractured pieces to form the second hat. In other words, I want to use the card dance as a transition between two objects (hats in thi
Adobe Production Premium CS5 Installation
by stig olsen 2 years ago
Hi, I just downloaded the Production Premium CS5 Installation which I bought some years ago, and I'm trying to install it on my new PC laptop. When entering the license number, and it's finished insta
Product shot, basic questions
by stig olsen 3 years ago
Hi, Im going to model a product, a rectangular package. I have the package design and need to asign this to the package on all sides. 1. Is it best to create UVs to apply this design, or texture it by
Re: Product shot, basic questions
by Kendrick Drews 3 years ago
1) I think it is best to create another file and apply the texture to your box. 2) I would do the basic animation, Movement and rotation in Maya and add the motion blur in After Effects 3)AE again, An
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