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Multiple Aspect Ratios in Davinci Resolve and Adobe PP
by steven moreno 5 years ago
Hey All I am trying to conform a project that was captured at 3 different aspect ratios.... 5K WS (5120 x 2160), 5K (5120 x 2700) and 4K (4096 x 2160) - it was colored in Resolve and will be conformed
conform sending original media
by steven moreno 7 years ago
This is my first time using resolve, so this may be a newb problem..if so, sorry. I graded from one single clip .mov file, made up of 5D and AF100 footage. I used resolve to detect cuts and graded awa
Re: conform sending original media
by Mike Most 7 years ago
It sounds like you somehow expect Resolve color corrections to be in the form of XML numbers that somehow Final Cut is going to be able to replicate. That has never been the case. You need to render i
using FCP7 and FCPX on the same system
by steven moreno 8 years ago
like a fool, I bought and installed FCPX, Color, and Motion before waiting to see how everything will pan, as I try to open FCP7, I am getting error message "This version of FCP is incompati
Re: using FCP7 and FCPX on the same system
by steven moreno 8 years ago
I didn't want to move anything or make any partitions until I got some feedback...but I found a FAQ that said: Q: Why do I get an error message when I launch Final Cut Pro 7 saying it is incompatible
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