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I'm an editor and videographer. I also like cookies.
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February 27th 2013
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Norman, OK
Goodbye FCPX
by Lance Moody 5 years ago
Well, I am sad to say it but I have officially given up on FCPX. I was an FCP 1.0 user and a thorny part of the community back then. I liked FCPX and used it for one fairly large project (https: www.y
Re: Goodbye FCPX
by Dennis Tzeng 5 years ago
Charlie Austin "I'm sure you did. And, just like the Mac vs. PC "wars", and the iOS vs. Android "wars", the "my (insert random thing here) is better than yours" combatants are idiots. Of course, just
Andrew Schrock liked this 5 years ago
Blue Screen/Blue Bracelet problem
by Andrew Schrock 6 years ago
I'm working with some blue screen footage featuring football players. In one clip, the player crosses his arms, but his blue bracelet is keyed out after applying a simple Keylight (1.2). I can't seem
Re: Blue Screen/Blue Bracelet problem
by John Cuevas 6 years ago
Often with keys, you will work with multiple keys and layers. In your case, if you have rotoscoped the bracelet, make it a seperate layer on top of the keyed footage. The bracelet layer should not hav
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