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Fastest slot on G5 2.7 Ghz ?
by sava 14 years ago
Hi guys, I'm about to put an HD suite together. Someone mentioned that the fastest slot for the HD card is not slot 4 anymore. Is this true Which slot should i use Thanks Sava
Re: Fastest slot on G5 2.7 Ghz ?
by Sean ONeil 14 years ago
I never heard that, but whatever slot it is, it'll tell you in the G5 user manual.
V/O with Io ?
by sava 14 years ago
Hi guys, Has anyone managed using voice over tool in FCP 4.5 with AJA Io So far no luck here, after selecting Io as the source a message pops up saying that AJA is busy ...If I go to capture presets a
Re: V/O with Io ?
by VideoManSF 14 years ago
Some people have had luck using the Vo tool, by disabling the video side of the io, and then selecting it for Vo, but I have not. Your best bet is to buy a cheap audio interface. Most have gain and 48
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