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Pro res or XDcam timeline?
by Kent Beeson 9 years ago
Hi About to shoot using SONY EX1R at 1920x1080p...what's the better way to edit this: edit on a pro res or XDcam codec timeline Final output for SD DVD. Thanks K
Re: Pro res or XDcam timeline?
by sami uddin 9 years ago
I have shot on EX3 with 1080 progressive. I have finished editing in the in FCP 7 using native XD Cam settings and now I need to give SD output to my client on mini DV. any clue how would I convert HD
Newbie XDCAM footage proxy question??
by Bruce Schultz 10 years ago
Hi all, I'm new to FCP and NLE editing as a DP Cameraman who shoots but rarely edits the footage. I have 10 hrs. of single camera concert footage shot with a Sony EX1 in XDCAM EX 1080 23.98. I need to
Re: Newbie XDCAM footage proxy question??
by sami uddin 10 years ago
I have an other question about the same camera. I shoot on 720 p, 50 frame per second using sony EX1. what is the best export setting for getting high quality output please help me selecting key frame
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