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No Pay Post: Media Co. start up needs motion logo
by Hank Xavier 11 years ago
Greetings, I am starting a Radio and TV news media company this year as a zero budget (for now) start up and I am wondering if there was anyone here who would find interest in helping to design a moti
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Trying to get in touch again
by richard dunn 7 years ago
Hey Andy! Your old email bounced back and I'd love to get in touch with you. You did "Why We Worship" for me a few years back. Richard Dunn
Aspect ratio
by richard dunn 10 years ago
I have an exporting question that's kicking my butt. I am working with video that is 1920 X 1080. It looks great when I export HD, but I want to export a 4:3 lower quality version. I want to see a 4:3
Re: Aspect ratio
by Ed LaComb 10 years ago
Hey Guys... Funny this came up. I have done as suggested in one response: produce in an HD timeline, then create an SD timeline, bring the HD timeline into the SD and then export. While it does put th
Motion Project Length
by richard dunn 10 years ago
I have a template that I'm using, and it's 30 seconds long. I need the project to be 60 seconds long. When I import to FCP and slow it down, it plays interlaced after I render the timeline. How do I s
Re: Motion Project Length
by zak peric 10 years ago
Go to Mark Spencer website. I think he has done a Video Podcast for Mac Break Studio this is were he is showing you how to stretch templates in Apple Motion. Let me know can you find it.
Motion Tech Requirements
by richard dunn 10 years ago
If I was building a computer strictly for FCP and Motion. Where would I STOP adding RAM. At what point does it not matter And processing speed, does a faster processor render quicker I know it seems l
by richard dunn 11 years ago
I need to add timecode to an audio project. Is it fairly simple to have my project on the right channel, and 30 frames non drop on the left channel using FCP
Re: timecode
by Bouke Vahl 11 years ago
yes. It is simple. Pan your work right, capture some TC (using machine control to know the TC and be able to make it matching with your timeline, put it in and pan it left. It is just a simple sound s
Motion Graphics designer needed
by richard dunn 11 years ago
I produce 2 minute videos with voice overs, and supportive motion graphics. Have approx $400 per project to hire a motion graphics designer. Most projects should be able to be completed in a day or le
Re: Motion Graphics designer needed
by Lori Newman 11 years ago
HI, I'm interested in working with you. Please view my work on my web site. thanks, Lori
Motion Export
by richard dunn 13 years ago
I am a very new user for motion, and I am having trouble exporting. It is very grainy. I wish to export to FCP for use in a DV project. Thanks for any help. Richard
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