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HDMI to SDI mini converter (HDV-S0009)
by richard collins 6 years ago
Looking around and found these mini HDMI to SDI convertors (http: Product Product.aspx Item=9SIA1GK22K4015) wondering if anyone has tried them I can not find any reviews on them. My wor
Re: HDMI to SDI mini converter (HDV-S0009)
by Larry Zapotocky 6 years ago
I haven't used that model, but I can recommend the AJA Mini converters. It would be the AJA HA5-Plus. They're listed on the site as $395...might not be the cheapest in mix, but they do work well. Blac
8x8 Component HD to HD-SDI
by richard collins 9 years ago
Hi, Has anyone seen a 8x8 component HD to HD-SDI I have search and came up with nothing. Additional info: I have up to 4, hvx200a (looking for 8x8 to leave space for growth) running over cat5 transcei
Time stamp in tenths
by richard collins 9 years ago
I have been asked by a client to add a time stamp to a video, simple. The only problem is that he wants the time stamp to appear in tenths of a second not frames. I only have FCP 7 and motion, no AE o
Re: Time stamp in tenths
by Michael Gissing 9 years ago
A visual time stamp can only be at the frame rate. On one of the audio tracks however, you can put a linear timecode stream that has clocking information to the 80th of a second @25fps and 100ths of a
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