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new Mac Pro: HDMI and 1080i
by Krzysztof Lorent 6 years ago
What is the HDMI signal output: 1080i or 1080p In other words, need I to buy a Blackmagic Intensity Extreme to watch the material in interlace monitor LMD 2110W
Re: new Mac Pro: HDMI and 1080i
by John Putch 6 years ago
I can't get the new Mac Pro to display any video out of the HDMI port. The system prefs sees it, but does not send video to the LCD monitor or any standard HDMI enabled TV. Has anyone else had this is
Transferring P2 Media through PCMIA
by kat hayes 13 years ago
1.) Can I use an old Win XP notebook just to transfer P2 media from the HVX-200 to the desktop that could later be copied to an external drive and to a Macpro for ingesting Are there any issues with d
Re: Transferring P2 Media through PCMIA
by John Putch 12 years ago
Noah, i transferred my P2 clips the old fashioned way and put each card in its own folder which contained a last clip and the contents folder. all is well. however i noticed on your DVD that you can u
P2 Card adapter for Mac
by Justin Coleman 13 years ago
Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me if they know of a nice and cheap P2 USB apater that will let me plug in P2 cards to my Mac Pro We are doing a shoot with quite a tight timetable so would love to be able to
Re: P2 Card adapter for Mac
by John Putch 13 years ago
Shane, all these solutions seem to be for PMCIA card slots. of which my G5 or macbook don't have. can i download the media from the camera thru firewire to any mac sorry i'm new to P2 and don't get it
P2 to firewire drives
by John Putch 13 years ago
shane or anyone, can i use a card reader to get the P2 media off the card to a standard firewire drive for transport If i don't want to use a P2store to get the footage off the card and I don't have a
Re: P2 to firewire drives
by Rainer Wirth 13 years ago
The P2 card reader with a HD attached from Panasonic costs more, than a whole laptop. Rainer
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