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Compositor Wanted
by John Michell 8 years ago
Hello, I'm a corporate director who's been in talks with a couple of ad agencies. I have a spec ad for Adidas involving two footballers competing to be the best until they encounter a lion. We have se
Re: Compositor Wanted
by Bejoy Raj 8 years ago
HI John, Check out http:, My Company can get the job done in a competitive rate. We have around 8 years of Experience in Feature films & Commercials, Reach me at
AE work needed for Online Comedy/Action Series!
by Stephen Wolfe 9 years ago
Hi everyone, my name is Stephen Wolfe. I am a independent filmmaker from Texas. Were currently wrapping up a 9 episode online comedy action series called Barton Police (It's a mix between The Office C
by Bejoy Raj 9 years ago
Hi Check out http:, I have more than 6years of CG experience, Get back to me if you are interested. Reg, Bejoy
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