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AMD Driver issue with Adobe CC 2015.3
by paul landergan 4 years ago
Hi I updated AFX, Premiere Pro and Photoshop to the June 2016 release last week, (confusingly labelled 2015.3) I experienced major issues which Adobe online support diagnosed as GFX driver issues. tem
paul landergan 5 years ago
does anyone have any idea why blend modes in Premiere Pro on layered Photoshop files look completely different to the same PSD file in Photoshop?
Ultrastudio Pro not working on Mac
by KrickeT Ro 6 years ago
Hello, I am trying to use a Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Pro on a Mac and it is not working. I am using a UltraStudio Express on the new Mac Pro and it works like a charm, no headaches whatsoever. Tr
Re: Ultrastudio Pro not working on Mac
by paul landergan 6 years ago
I have a similar problem with Windows 7 PC's I ve tested with 2 separate PC s, both will connect to the UltraStudio, but neither display source video. I can see in to out video connection if I disconn
paul landergan 8 years ago
I've just purchased the upgrade from Adobe CS4 Production Premium to CS6 for my Matrox Axio LE system
Ive now discovered that Matrox dont support beyond CS5 on Axio.
any advice would be most welcome!!
Ki-Pro record to external HD
by paul landergan 8 years ago
Does anyonwe have any experience of connecting an external drive to a Ki-Pro for recording, (not recording on a Ki-Stor drive then copying) Thanks Paul
Re: Ki-Pro record to external HD
by Matthew Causon 8 years ago
Hello Paul I know AJA would not advise this, it might even void the warranty. I do also know that performance with off the shelf drives is very hot and miss. All AJA drives are tested for performance
KiStore Data Transfer Times
by Phil Wade 8 years ago
Hi All. We have been using many Ki Pro decks for some time now but there always seems to be disagreements as to how long it takes to transfer files off the KiStore onto another external FW drive. Allo
Re: KiStore Data Transfer Times
by paul landergan 8 years ago
We have a similar issue. Our experience is that 350 GB of KiStor content takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to copy to another firewire 800 device. Copy time to Mac internal HD is considerably quicker
paul landergan 9 years ago
Axio LE offline media
I've got a curious problem with importing from tape Having set up a 25fps project, when I log the clips, the system displays the framerate for the offline media at 29.97. If I ignore this and proceed with batch capture, footage is captured correclty, but system appears to keep capturing beyond marked out point until it "thinks" its captured the number of frames that" would" have been captured had the footage actually been 29.97 (ie about 20% longer than clip duration)
the captured clip is fine in all respects, (it is at 25 fps and the in/ out point are as set) however its very wasteful of time (if I'm capturing an hour of footage the systems wastes 12 mins) If I manually stop capture, file is not saved so capture is lost - any suggestions?
HDV Device control with Premier Pro
by paul landergan 10 years ago
Just upgraded my suite to Premier Pro CS4 Matrox Axio LE and a Sony HDV-M35 deck There is no device driver listed in Premier Pro for this deck, and none of those I've tried give satisfactory results u
HDV capture problems with Premier Pro
by paul landergan 10 years ago
Further to my previous post, I've spent more time investigating this problem. Using firewire and SD (DVCAM) footage, I get perfect frame-accurate results digitising from my Sony HVR-M35 deck. When i p
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