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ffmpeg GIF output ugly.
by Carl Oxwall 10 years ago
Am I missing out on some important command line syntax for quality, or is ffmpeg's GIF encoder really lousy Original JPEG : http: 14bothe.jpg Transcoded into GIF with ImageMagick conve
Re: ffmpeg GIF output ugly.
by Michael Rampe 10 years ago
I got exactly the same results when trying to replicate your issue. Based on the info about only reporting 103 versus 256 colors, my guess is that ImageMagick is using 256 indexed colors whilst FFmpeg
by Carl Oxwall 12 years ago
Greets. First of all, I'm really unsure if whether I've posted this thread on the right board, but since there I didn't found any dedicated Win32 Linear-Editing Software forum (maybe I'm blind, if tha
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