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Considering buying MC 6
by Rich Jackson 5 years ago
Hi, I saw an unopened copy of Media Composer 6 for sale. I am considering buying it, then upgrading from there. The label on the box reads: ASY FNL, MEDIA COMPOSER 6 . I m spooked by the ASY FNL part.
Re: Considering buying MC 6
by neil forsyth 5 years ago
I have to agree with everything Glenn said, but check that the seller is the registered owner as well as they will have to fill out a transfer of ownership license and you will have to pay Avid an adm
Same as source export - MXF
by stig olsen 5 years ago
Hi, The material on my timeline is imported through fast import from MXF files. When exporting these files as "same as source" I guess it actually should be exported as MXF. I find it strange that Dav
Re: Same as source export - MXF
by neil forsyth 5 years ago
Make sure you what you are trying to link to in resolve is a supported format. http: media 5407521 DaVinci_Resolve_9.1_Supported_Codec_List.pdf Is it a PIX 240 these save a
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