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Color Shifts on Export
by nectarios leonidas 5 years ago
Hello All, I'm using Avid 7 on my Imac 2.9 Intel core i5 8 GB. What seems to happen on a regular basis is a color shit and or a weird jump on video clips under text layers or lower third layers after
Re: Color Shifts on Export
by Sam Morr 5 years ago
I'm not sure if it would help but try doing a video mixdown of the layers first I know when I use text over colours they fade at different times when using a quick effect so it may be the same sort of
Ultimate sample typical contract for newbies
by Mark Suszko 10 years ago
Template contract for typical beginners. Modify to your specific needs. I, (name here) henceforth to be referred to as "the dummy", will contract to work on your ill-defined project for an unspecified
Katya Austin liked this 7 years ago
Re: Ultimate sample typical contract for newbies
by nectarios leonidas 10 years ago
You forgot to add, The pay is deferred. After we pay the investors, producers, cast, crew and craft service. We might send you a payment in 10 years time.. just make sure you keep your address the sam
HD LInk PRO questions
by nectarios leonidas 11 years ago
I recently bought the Decklink extreme card and the HD Link Pro. Does anybody have any presets for hd link pro utility I need to color correct a hd feature and not sure what presets I should have. The
deleting clips on the timeline
by nectarios leonidas 12 years ago
I recently upgraded to FCP studio 2 and everytime i delete a clip or media on the timeline it shifts everything to the left. Is there a way to stop this in the preferences area Any help will be great
Re: deleting clips on the timeline
by Tom Wolsky 12 years ago
Stop using the forward delete key. Use the big delete key next to the =.All the best, Tom Class on Demand DVDs "Complete Training for FCP6," "Basic Training for FCS2" and "Final Cut Express Made Easy"
My spec ads
by nectarios leonidas 13 years ago
Hey guys If you have a moment please check out a series of spec ads I did. They are called "the Brooklyn Spots". tbs Let me know what you think.
Re: My spec ads
by the goodbye boy 13 years ago
well, they're not really great. all three could have been for one company and you could have called it a campaign to be more clever about it. felt more like fashion ads or something. which made for se
Shooting Interviews in boring environment
by Dave Boampong 13 years ago
I am starting a corporate video on Friday and have to shoot a few interviews. Unfortunately the interviewees are sitting in front of a large window looking at trees. It is most boring. This is the onl
Re: Shooting Interviews in boring environment
by nectarios leonidas 13 years ago
I would use the current background and just change the angle of the camera. Shot over head or under up on the subject. Try different angles views, go from a close up to a medium to an extreme. change
FX & Animation Demo, help?
by Stephen Tucker 13 years ago
Hey, well, I tried getting feedback a few weeks back, and wasn't very successful, so, I used my own judgment and tried to syphon out as much as I thought was unnecessary. It's now half the size, and c
Re: FX & Animation Demo, help?
by nectarios leonidas 13 years ago
Hey man, I know the feeling some times you get a lot of replies, sometimes nothing.. Checking out you reel, it's good. but i would get rid of the part when the (for a lack of a better word) man walks
How can i do the following?
by nectarios leonidas 13 years ago
I was recently at the MOMA, here in nyc. And notice over the ticket booth they have stills images of some of the art inside but after a few seconds the images become lines, i.e. sort of like a water f
filmmakers website
by a.muenz 13 years ago
Hi, I am a filmmaker and would like to have some response to my new website. I did almost everything by myself. Directing, Camera, editing, postproduction. All the movies and clips are low (no)budget.
Re: filmmakers website
by nectarios leonidas 13 years ago
Hey man, I like the web site, it's very clean and well organized. Your video work is very good. I was wondering on the Mike Shox ad what is the plug in you're using. It makes the show come in and out
Reverse pulldown And Cinema tools
by nectarios leonidas 14 years ago
I posted this on 2-pop site and called the lab but still can't get a decent solution. Here's my issue.. We shot on super 16 (no audio) Made digibata of the footage. 5 digibatas of footage transferred
need some help
by nectarios leonidas 14 years ago
Here goes. I'm cutting my first film based project. I read cinema tools manual and all additional info I could find on the net, but still need some help. When I do the reverse pull down. I tried to d
Re: need some help
by Jerry Hofmann 14 years ago
If you replaced the original file with the processed file, there's no going back other than to recapture I'd think. What do you intend to deliver a cut list to cut the negative with or s is delivery g
FCP and Film
by nectarios leonidas 14 years ago
I about to cut my first feature and need some help. Prior to this most of the stuff I cut was DV or HD formats. The question is as follows: What are the steps I need to do before cutting a film on 24
Re: FCP and Film
by Samuel Frazier 14 years ago
Unless otherwise stated by your film lab, video is transferred to dbeta at 29.97 and removing the pulldown in Cinema Tools will make it 23.98. You have to tell a lab you want it 24.0 rather than 23.9
basic text in FCP 5
by nectarios leonidas 14 years ago
I been using FCP for a few years now. Recently I had to do some credits, nothing fancy just basic white (aria font, size 10-12) on black background. No movement and no effects. 3 layers where as foll
Re: basic text in FCP 5
by nectarios leonidas 14 years ago
Yeah I checked that, and the text still looks like garbage. Haven't had any problems with other versions of fcp going back to 1.25.. With prior versions was doing more and text looked better.. Again
Advice on Laptop Purchase
by seawild 14 years ago
Hey Cows, I have a chance to purchase a 2004, 1.05GHz, 1Gig RAM, 17' Powerbook for 1700.00 with one year apple warrenty left. I want to use it to take to clients offices and show them work in progress
Re: Advice on Laptop Purchase
by nectarios leonidas 14 years ago
Just came across your listing. Your better off getting one of the 12 inch PowerBooks they're brand new and have a faster processor better video card. Or if you look into you can see i
how to do this..
by nectarios leonidas 14 years ago
how can i do this effect with final cut pro the image bleeds from the center to one side sort of becomes lines beams until the next image bleeds into few.. wish i had an example to share. any help is
transition between two cuts
by nectarios leonidas 14 years ago
Does anybody know how they did this transition, it's in the new trailer for Unleashed (the jet li film) Around .45 seconds into it, two guys get out of a car and it cuts to a close up of Anthony Hopli
Re: transition between two cuts
by bill 14 years ago
You cant give the answer away that easy..........
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