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NTSC DV Anamorphic or NTSC DV AV settings?
by mimi lieberman 9 years ago
I have down-converted HD tape to DV tape from a Sony HDR-HC7 camera. Footage was shot in 16:9 format. Do I setup FCP 5 AV settings in NTSC DV Anamorphic or NTSC DV. The camcorder manual didn't say whe
Re: NTSC DV Anamorphic or NTSC DV AV settings?
by Tom Wolsky 9 years ago
DV anamorphic. All the best, Tom Class on Demand DVDs "Complete Training for FCP7," "Basic Training for FCS" and "Final Cut Express Made Easy" Author: "Final Cut Pro 5 Editing Essentials" and "Final C
by mimi lieberman 10 years ago
What is the ratio in hard disk space used between the NTSC and HDV formats. I have only edited using NTSC in Final Cut. I have been asked to edit HD footage and want to guage the amount of disk space
Re: NTSC vrs HDV
by mimi lieberman 10 years ago
Thank you for responding so quickly. Sorry I forgot the DV before the NTSC. HD is new to me. Let me ask you this... Can I use mini DV tapes with HD footage in my JVC SR-VS30U, which is a mini DV S-VHS
AGP Card missing?
by mimi lieberman 14 years ago
Tried to install Final Cut Pro 4 in my new G5, 2.3 dual core machine and get the message: Configuration Error
Re: AGP Card missing?
by Shane Ross 14 years ago
#29: Need AGP Graphics card Shane's Stock Answer #29 You either need to either: 1) use the following hack - http: www.xlr8yourmac.com feedback final_cut_pro_on_old_macs.html or 2) Upgrade to FCP 5 htt
Help! Can't reinstall I Life 4
by mimi lieberman 15 years ago
I get the message:This installation cannot proceed because one of the following applications is running: Garage Band, I Tunes, I Photo, I movie I DVD. Please quit these apps before installation. But I
Apple Hardware Test error code
by mimi lieberman 15 years ago
I've been having frequent kernel panics. In doing the Apple Hardware Test it stops at at the error code "2mem 1 4:dimm1 j22". Does that mean that my 512 ram is bad
Re: Apple Hardware Test error code
by Paul Dickin 15 years ago
Hi Typing your error code into google produces: http: www.pinoymac.org forum viewtopic.php t=503 "when useing the jaguar hardware test cd, make sure you unplug ALL external devices FIRST!! it gave me
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