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Ear of the Eye Productions is a boutique HD video production company based in the Washington, DC area. We produce documentary style videos and live arts/culture programs for non-profit, for profit, government, educational, broadcast, and private clients.
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October 7th 2011
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FCP7 can now handle AVCHD files....NATIVELY?!?
by Michael Griggs 8 years ago
Just found this on Panasonic's website.... https: eww.pass.panasonic.co.jp pro-av support desk e avc_download.htm#avccamip AVCCAM Importer "AVCCAM Importer (QuickTime Plug-in component) Functions The
Re: FCP7 can now handle AVCHD files....NATIVELY?!?
by Mikael Manoukian 8 years ago
Yeah, I too had high hopes for the AVCCAM IMPORTER program that Pany recently released. But, after I imported (into FCP 7) about 30GB of .MTS data from a two camera shoot of an event I had problems. A
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