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Machinimist in Second Life. Composer on Acidplanet.
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September 22nd 2009
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slit scan
by Roger Bansemer 7 years ago
Has anyone had any experience with "slit scan" and is it possible with some sort of plugin for Vegas Here's a link to a slit scan. http: www.youtube.com watch v=NSesvu_uqLo Roger Bansemer
Re: slit scan
by michael sharpe 7 years ago
http: www.youtube.com watch v=eAKcCJtY7Ys This is a way I'm not familiar with as I remeber being able to export an image sequence but either way once it's in Photoshop you can do many things and use b
FanMade Trailer Please critique
by Jonathan Hu 10 years ago
http: www.youtube.com watch v=LqWNiy32RcM Well what do you think Anything else I can add to it make it cooler THANKS FOR ALL THOSE WHO HELPED ON THIS FORUM... too many ppl to name I'll try to name you
Re: FanMade Trailer Please critique
by michael sharpe 10 years ago
What I meant by pans and zooms is you can use the pand crop in Vegas to zoom in and pan over the video footage much like you would over a photo. I have used it more for zooming usually for dramatic ef
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