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Nobody Panic
by michael Ruiz 8 years ago
After viewing the FCP X reveal online it made no sense what so ever. Here at TPS we started planning our migration back to Avid. But upon closer inspection to the editing portion of the premier video,
Re: Nobody Panic
by Robb Albrecht 8 years ago
Hi Michael, After watching the sneak peak videos I can really see how a touch control could work but as always I'm skeptical. ;) Will Apple actually do it Possibly.. Adobe already has a cool iPad Phot
HP Dreamcolor Monitor / AJA HDP2
by michael Ruiz 10 years ago
Hi All Im not sure if I understand the progressive nature of the HP Dreamcolor monitor. 99% of our work is mastered to HDCAM 23.98. How would I set up the Dreamcolor monitor and an AJA mini converter
Re: HP Dreamcolor Monitor / AJA HDP2
by michael Ruiz 10 years ago
Thanks..I research a bit more . Thanks for your help.. m i c h a e l
Letus Elite Nikon Lenses?
by michael Ruiz 10 years ago
I am purchasing a Letus Elite for my EX1. What Nikon Lens series works best and are there any suggestions for a great Nikon lens for interviews. Thanks !! m i c h a e l
Re: Letus Elite Nikon Lenses... Part 2
by michael Ruiz 10 years ago
very cool..Thank You and thanks to everyone on creative cow! I'm sure I'll have other questions when the Letus arrives end of this week and then maybe I could help another newbie with questions. Best,
FCP Studio 2 crashes updating projects
by michael Ruiz 12 years ago
Hi All I just upgraded to FCP Studio 2. When I import my old projects (FCP 5.0.4) FCP crashes. Any ideas Michael System: Power Mac G5 2.3 Dual Gig 2.5 gig ram OS 10.4.11 Quicktime 7.3.1 pro All FCP Pr
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