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I shoot and edit corporate video, mostly for the web. I also do the occasional voiceover, write the occasional article, run the occasional workshop on XDCAM EX, chromakey or lighting.

I'm also an 'Independent Certified Expert' for Sony, which mean... [more]
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December 13th 2010
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Berkshire, UK
Getting the ProRes Codec
by Brian Garnell 11 years ago
Is buying Final Cut Pro the only way to get the ProRes codec Or by chance is Final Cut Express and Quicktime Pro enough Or by chance is there a secret codec somewhere that you can download
Re: Getting the ProRes Codec
by Jay Inman 8 years ago
My 2 cents, since Ken Evans post of Oct 7, 2011 just saved me (a) a client, (b) a bundle, (c) a load of grief. Absolutely nothing wrong with keeping old posts alive with new developments and info whic
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MTF EOS adaptor for FS100
by Matt Davis 8 years ago
Got a few minutes to play with Mike Tapa's adaptor that fits Canon EOS lenses to the FS100 with full iris control. http: film mtf-eos-adaptor-for-fs100 Launch at IBC was a little
Standard Definition from EX1R
by Bob Cole 8 years ago
I need to output a live standard definition composite video feed, in 4:3 ratio, for a large-screen output during the shoot. I'm using the EX1R. I'm wondering whether anyone has experienced any "gotcha
Re: Standard Definition from EX1R
by Matt Davis 8 years ago
Depends on what the client wants. Letterboxing the cameras on a 4:3 projection screen that has a fancy surround offends the creative sensibilities of a lot of my clients. OTOH, doing a 16:9 show ups t
5D2 external mic input
by Andrea Cavazzuti 9 years ago
Maybe it's a stupid question. Anyhow, I'd like to feed the audio signal (stereo or mono) into the 5D directly from my field mixer. The problem is that 5D has only a mic input, not a LINE input. Any wa
Re: 5D2 external mic input
by Matt Davis 9 years ago
The Zoom H4n doesn't do Line Input out of the box. You'll need to purchase a -20dB or -30dB pad - mine are just XLR barrels.
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