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animated map
by Daniel Schultz 4 years ago
Tried searching here and google, and couldn't quite find the tutorial I'm looking for. Here's what I'm trying to do. Take a flat map (psd document) and have the perspective camera angle change so the
Re: animated map
by mathew fuller 4 years ago
You might also want to look into the plugin "sure target 2" it's free and if you aren't using it for at least some of your camera animations... you should be. http: www.videocopilot.n
Request for Rotoscoping Workflow
by Cindy Keen 5 years ago
Hello! I have been given the opportunity to do some freelance work doing rotoscope. I'm excited about this opportunity, but need to learn how to do the rotoscoping! I have been watching A LOT of tutor
Re: quest for Rotoscoping Workflow
by mathew fuller 5 years ago
Step 1: Learn mocha Step 2: get frustrated Step 3: end up with roto masks that chatter Step 4: blame the computer Step 5: accept it is user error Step 6: keep doing it until its clean Step 7: realize
Particular Newb Question
by Mike MacKenzie 5 years ago
Hey everyone... Particular newb here looking for what I expect will be a simple answer to a question. I have created rain, and am mostly happy with it except that I need to change the angle of descent
Re: Particular Newb Question
by mathew fuller 5 years ago
In the physics drop down, I would mess with adding wind in the X direction. My Work: http:
by ElĂ­as Nader 5 years ago
Any ideas on how to make a creative slideshow in after effects
Re: Slideshow
by mathew fuller 5 years ago
There are so many pre-made templates for this kind of thing I wouldn't bother making one from scratch unless someone had a gun to my head, and I had a hankering for mental turmoil brought on by tediou
RAM Preview troubles
by Brandon Prudencio 5 years ago
Everytime I RAM preview, the Multi-processing gets disabled saying I dont have enough RAM, and it only pre renders 20- 24 frames. The work area is set right and I have 12 GB RAM, and also an 8-core 3.
Re: AM Preview troubles
by mathew fuller 5 years ago
I would turn off multi frame processing completely. You should be fine after that. My Work: http:
[please] How do I have a normal camera pan with slow motion footage?
by Christian Bifulco 5 years ago
Something I must learn as seen here https: watch v=yTWdiaS3uq4 during the beginning where the man shoots the other man in slow mo but the camera is still normal speed. How is that poss
Re: [please] How do I have a normal camera pan with slow motion footage?
by mathew fuller 5 years ago
You posted a link to a picture with a song playing. My Work: http:
Liquid motion
by Max Baxter 5 years ago
I'm not too sure if it is liquid motion but it's probably the best description I can give of it. I want to have a 2D circle to fall as a liquid reach the bottom of the frame and them come back up in a
Mil Malchiodi liked this 5 years ago
Re: Liquid motion
by mathew fuller 5 years ago
If you own the plugin Newton you can make very convincing 2D water with it. Hard to explain the process quickly, but I found a tutorial that uses a technique very similar to the one I've used in the p
Linear WorkSpace with Color Finesse
by Anthony Dupsta 5 years ago
I am working in After Effects CC Linear workspace. I have a set of EXRs that I would like to do some color grading on. Applying SA Color Finesse 3 to this seq in Linear space bi passes the color manag
Re: Linear WorkSpace with Color Finesse
by mathew fuller 5 years ago
Why ask people for help and then be a jerk in response Your last sentence said "Possibly loading in a LUT or display curve inside CF " I told you how to load a lut. Beyond that I suggest you educate y
6 minutes = $4k
by Michael McClain 5 years ago
Am I nuts or is it common for Motion Graphics artist to crank out 6 minutes of animation for $4,000 I'm a 3d guy and I was mouth-agape when the client kept rejecting estimate refinements until we hit
Re: 6 minutes = $4k
by mathew fuller 5 years ago
Those price points are insulting at best. That client is full of shit. I'd tell them if they can find someone to do it for that pathetic budget they should keep using them and stop wasting your time.
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