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Exporting OBJ from R19 - Windows
by Moss Jones 1 year ago
I am trying to export an OBJ from Cinema 4d R19, so that I can bring it into trapcode form but every time I try to export the OBJ it exports as a 3d object file which doesn't work with After effects.
Re: Exporting OBJ from R19 - Windows
by mahdi mehrabi 2 months ago
Hey there I have an issue with exporting OBJ file from Cinema 4D with all of the textures and images I had used to materials. how I can do it thanks to all
Cinema 4d viewport problems
by Alex Sin 8 years ago
I am making planets and sometimes(i have no idea why)i cant zoom close enough and also this weird thing happens, when i rotate around the planets in the viewport although i have the object selected, s
Re: Cinema 4d viewport problems
by mahdi mehrabi 3 years ago
on the left up view port window, select camrea menu and then navigation: cursor mode
mahdi mehrabi 3 years ago
hello all

How can an expression be stopped or changed in After Effects?
For example wiggle have used the car shake and vibration intensity after standing up I want to change my car or I stop it.
Ctrl+z issue
by Alireza Bidar 4 years ago
Hi, My project is due pretty soon and I am having an issue in Ae! when I use Ctrl+Z, the screen does not update the undo and it still shows the visuals before the ctrl+z. I tried purging it! It does n
by mahdi mehrabi 4 years ago
i have same issue AE 13.6 please help me
Stop loopOut!
by Matt Larson 10 years ago
I have been searching and searching, but I can't seem to find an answer to what I would think would be an easy question: Is there an expression that I can add to loopOut that will stop a loop at a cer
Re: Stop loopOut!
by mahdi mehrabi 4 years ago
I can only really thank you S ren Nowakowski
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