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Best Transition Plugins For CS5.5?
by Ben Mullins 8 years ago
Hi, Can anyone recommend any transition plugins for Premiere Pro CS5.5 Thanks, Ben.
fian lasimpala liked this 7 years ago
Re: Best Transition Plugins For CS5.5?
by leo bolanos 7 years ago
They are not free. demo has watermarks. plug ins are $ 19.95
Fixing video stuttering
by leo bolanos 10 years ago
Hi... I have some footage a costumer wants me to fix. I shows zooms and panning with some noticeable stuttering maybe due to frames dropped at capturing time or something like that. I would like to kn
Re: Fixing video stuttering
by Walter Soyka 10 years ago
I'm a Twixtor user, too, but you might be able to get good results without getting a plugin. I have satisfactorily re-created missing frames with Time Remapping with pixel motion frame blending. The r
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