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Does anyone have any tips on making a website primarily in photoshop?
by Daniel Haskett 14 years ago
Hi there, Basically Im having a problem making a website where i am primarily making it in Photoshop ImageReady and using dreamweaver mainly for links and uploading. If you go to www.erinbarry.co.uk y
Wonderful tool will decide your trouble
by kotias 14 years ago
There are wonderful tool for batch multireplacing. http: www.painterscase.com web_design utils webut_advancedfindandreplace.php
Ungrouping after Expansions
by Eric Klassen 14 years ago
I'm working in Illustrator CS. I have some shapes that were created from a multi-layered design by using the path tools to cut pieces from the existing layers. For example, I created several pie wedge
Re: Ungrouping after Expansions
by kotias 14 years ago
select object, right click -- Release compound path
plug-ins for Photoshop and Illustrator
by kotias 14 years ago
List of more than 350 Photoshop Plug-ins with descriptions: http: www.painterscase.com plugins phsplug1.html and Illusrator plug-ins review {more than70): http: www.painterscase.com plugins illplugs1.
Export for CorelDraw
by Eric Klassen 14 years ago
I have some Mac Illustrator CS closed vector drawings that need to be opened on a PC in CorelDraw for some laser cutting purposes. I originally converted the files to Illustrator 9 format but an error
Re: Export for CorelDraw
by kotias 14 years ago
Begining from version 9 of Illustrator native format (.ai) is pdf-based. Try save work in AI 8 compatible format or EPS format (7-8 version compatible) for PC.
Illustrator drawing
by DizWiz 14 years ago
I am having some problems with the quality of curved lines in Illustrator. I am using the trial version for AI CS2. the edges of the curved lines look jagged and not smooth. I created them using the p
Re: Illustrator drawing
by kotias 14 years ago
Try in Preferenses= General turn ON checkbox "Anti-aliased Artwork" Best luck.
Temporarily turn off effect? - Illustrator
by Naveen Mallikarjuna 14 years ago
Is there a way to turn temporarily turn off an effect in Adobe Illustrator CS2 I have a 3D effect on some text. However, I would like to be able to edit the text and change it's color, without having
Re: Temporarily turn off effect? - Illustrator
by kotias 14 years ago
Try temporarily turn off Make Preview Outline Ctrl+O and write needed text in outline mode.
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