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Re: Moire reduction for clothes which need colour-matching (shot on 5dmkii)
by Mark Suszko 5 years ago
Good solutions, but they require the optional time-travel package. :-)
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Color hasn't changed when sent back to FCP.
by Daniel Skoldberg 6 years ago
Hello All, So I sent my sequence to Color. Graded like usual, rendered my clips, and sent back to FCP. When I open the new sequence, my clips are there, in the correct order, BUT the changes I made ar
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Re: Shooting video with Canon 7D in Portrait Orientation
by Pete Burger 7 years ago
From the technical side, it'll work, but you'll have to scale the clips down to fit the sequence and that'll result in a lot of unused space in your frame... If you create a vertical sequence and uplo
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