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Snap chat work flow on Avid
by kevin rhoades 3 years ago
So I'm cutting a 16x9 project on Avid and just found out I'll need to deliver to Snapchat. I have done this with Adobe before but can't seem to figure out how to export the video 1080x1920 vertical wi
Re: Snap chat work flow on Avid
by Glenn Sakatch 3 years ago
not in front of the box right now, so just thinking out loud, (and barely know what snapchat is:)) Can you make a custom project in Avid at 1080 x 1920. Mixdown your existing timelines in the original
Premiere Pro conform xml issues, with merged clips
by kevin rhoades 3 years ago
Premiere Pro conform xml issues. So I just locked picture on a feature and back when we started building the project to sync up the separate audio clips with video I merged them. now the colorist is n
"DaVinci Resolve failed to Open project"
by kevin rhoades 5 years ago
So a strange thing happen this morning, a project I have been working on for a few weeks decided not to open this morning. "DaVinci Resolve failed to Open project" Every other project opens up fine, o
Editing with AMA
by kevin rhoades 6 years ago
So I m working on a feature in Avid, I linked footage via AMA ( maybe not the best idea but the deadline was tight so it s the way I could start edit the fastest) Having some trouble with playback and
Re: Editing with AMA
by John Pale 6 years ago
kevin rhoades "Is this going to haunt me later " No. The ".new' suffix is to help you tell the original clip from the transcoded copy. Avid does not link by file are free to change it. If
batch nested clips
by kevin rhoades 13 years ago
I received an offline that has nested sequences with in the master sequence and when I batch at hi res the final cut tries to batch all the media not just the selects in the master sequence. anyone ha
Re: Not much help: batch nested clips
by david bogie 13 years ago
The topic comes up weekly it seems.I do not believe there is a solution but I haven't been reading those threads, just seen 'em. Hopefully someone else who knows how to deal with it will chime in. Yo
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