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Disappearing filters
by keith jurow 8 years ago
Hey gang. I edited a video in FCP 7 using NewBlueFX Color Fixer Plus to grade the clips. When I opened the FCP 7 document again to continue working on it the next day, the filters had disappeared from
Re: Disappearing filters
by Edward Troxel 8 years ago
I can honestly say I have not seen anything like this happen unless I had not saved the project before exiting. Can you duplicate this happening again Edward Troxel
multi channel audio
by keith jurow 10 years ago
Hopefully this isn't too basic a question. I recorded video on my Canon XH A1S digital video camera using 2 wireless mics with the transmitters hooked into the XLR inputs on the camera, but when I imp
Re: multi channel audio
by Michael Gissing 10 years ago
In the Log & Capture window select the tab that shows what you wish to capture. Options for video only, audio only and channel selection stereo dual mono are all in that tab as is the tick box to brea
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