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delete "favorite effect"
by Bob Cole 10 years ago
Is it possible to edit the list of favorite effects iow - choose an item and delete it If so, how Bob C
Re: delete "favorite effect"
by Michael Glover 8 years ago
In the effects bin there is a folder called "favorites" just select the filter you want to remove and hit delete.
kai doran liked this 8 years ago
editing without mouse
by kai doran 8 years ago
does anybody know the keyboard shortcuts or how to set up ones to pull the clip files from the browser window into the source window then again from the source to timeline after setting in and out poi
Re: editing without mouse
by Rafael Amador 8 years ago
You need a mouse or at least a trackpad to work with FC. You can open a clip from the browser in the viewer (enter) and send to the time line (overwrite: F10), but to do the same again with other clip
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