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video playback out of sync.
by joshua spool 8 years ago
I recently took a new job at a post house and Instead of using professional external monitors for viewing, they've taken to using these SONY bravia LED TV's. The problem I'm getting is that the video
Re: video playback out of sync.
by Joseph Hung 8 years ago
It's the HDMI. I run audio and video separately, so I don't know if the above comment will work, it might give it a shot. One way to fix this is to offset your video feed by a few frames. When I play
854 x 480 Square Pixel - Little help here
by Doug Normington 11 years ago
Hi, I am working with a client that is providing some elements. I received the first element and the aspect ratio is 854x480 pixels with square pixels. When I import the clip into Final Cut Pro it req
Re: 854 x 480 Square Pixel - Little help here
by joshua spool 11 years ago
Actually let me ammend that & say when working out of after effects this works best for the cleanest possible graphics. I would never set up a composition in FCP as 854x480. Insofar as that's concerne
AVID workflow for HDX900 footage shot @ 10801 24p
by joshua spool 12 years ago
I'm a final cut user myself but it seems our AVID editors here just can't quite get a handle on capturing & editing 24p & 24pA footage shot on the HDX900. they have an especially hard time with footag
eighteen going on nineteen, working on an internship
by FVM2™ 14 years ago
hows it going people great. i have a dilemma. need some tips on how to impress a post studio here in atlanta, and im not exactly sure how to "wow" them when i don't have a demo reel. im going on 19, a
Re: eighteen going on nineteen, working on an internship
by joshua spool 14 years ago
unfortunatly being an intern is like being a pledge in a fraternity. you are constantly getting shit on. The best you can do is just take what they give ya, do it to the best of your ability, learn wh
New reel and website
by AccountNeedsRealnameUpdate 14 years ago
Hello everyone, Just wanted to let you know that we have a new website and reel up and running. You can check it out at http: I also wanted to thank everyone who comment on the last
Re: New reel and website
by joshua spool 14 years ago
yeah I liked it man. Solid reel. I like the way you did the intro on there with the name tag thats hot. and the music does go well with the flow of the piece. but you definitly need to work on ur comp
Church Impact Video
by John Conn 14 years ago
We just finished this project highlighting a new program that a local church has put together. What they've done is hired us to create (4) High Impact videos to start their church services off with. I
Re: Church Impact Video
by joshua spool 14 years ago
makes me want to go get baptised!!J-
check out theese toyota segments
by joshua spool 14 years ago
hey just wanted to get some feedback from some of you professionals out there on theese four animated toyota segmwnts I just cranked out. oops forgot the link toy.html J-
Re: check out theese toyota segments
by joshua spool 14 years ago
well zimmerman advertisng handles a ton of automtive local & national spots. just a stab in the dark man. J-
FantasDICK allies
by DICK 14 years ago
well this isn't realy a demo reel, but i couldn't find a better forum to post. this is a amateur snowboard movie made by me and some friends of mine for a european amateur film contest called filmup (
Re: FantasDICK allies
by joshua spool 14 years ago
wow that was really bad. You really need to get some kind of narrative going in there. you're all over the place from the sasquatch to the naked chicks and the sleep over pillow fight. your use of eff
Demo Reel
by Justin Niemeyer 14 years ago
Here is a link to my reel online: http: videos jtn.htm I realize that the 10min download is annoying, but I don't really know how to make it stream while downloading. Anyway, any feedba
Re: Demo Reel
by joshua spool 14 years ago
Do you work in fort lauderdale you guys have the huge sign on the window that reads" help wanted: non linear video editors" Thats the only time I have ever seen a help wanted siogn like that. it's hys
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