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Panasonic 100 vs 100a
by josh meisner 11 years ago
I was wondering what is the main difference between the 100 and 100a. Trying to by a panasonic but i am trying to be as dilligent as possible. Thanks
Re: Panasonic 100 vs 100a
by Noah Kadner 11 years ago
The 100A is not all that different from the 100 but the 100B added a lot of improvements. Here's a review of what those improvements are: http: articles 100b -NoahMy FCP Blog. Unlock t
by josh meisner 11 years ago
I am currently looking to purchase a Panasonic 100a camera that is used. It currently has 184 hours on it. In terms of usage is this low or would it be soon time to change heads. Thanks
Re: Durability
by Todd Roush 11 years ago
My DVX100 has 800 hours on it with maybe 7 head cleanings all time. I have mixed and matched tapes and it works as well as the day I bought it. As long as there is nothing else wrong with it you shoul
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