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I do documenatries and some training videos
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September 19th 2006
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Leopard Issues - Found Some Already
by Sean ONeil 12 years ago
Did a fresh install on a PowerMac G5 2.7ghz. So far, here are the problems I found: 1) "Repair Permissions" in Disk Utility is messed up. It literally takes 10 minutes to finish and it looks like it's
Re: Leopard Issues - Adobe CS3 not compatible
by josephpotts 12 years ago
I wonder why Acrobat 8 seems to work. Maybe it is something peculiar to a G4 and it is different on an Intel machine. BTW, the Leopard install went perfectly on one G4 laptop (install and archive) but
More Stuff to buy?
by josephpotts 13 years ago
I am considering the HVX200 camera, but I am a bit confused about what "gear" I will need to go with it. I use Final Cut 5.1 and a Sony DSR-11 deck connected to my mac via firewire 400 with a Panasoni
Re: More Stuff to buy?
by josephpotts 13 years ago
Thanks for the information. I think the HVX 200 is a good choice compared to HDV cameras, but I would like to keep as much of my existing gear as possible. Also, I like to see flesh tones on a calibra
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