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Reel Feedback
by jordanderson 13 years ago
Hi, I'd like some reel critique. I'm interested in working in action sports, but would take any editing position. I tried to keep it short and fast. http: reel reel.html Thanks
Re: Reel Feedback
by Mike Cohen 13 years ago
what channel was this on The video game stuff was cool but may turn away clients if they are not doing x-game-type stuff.
scale particle over lifetime
by jordanderson 14 years ago
I'm trying to have the size of each particle scale over it's lifetime, start small at creation, and then increase. How do you make each particle scale on it's own I tried increasing the scale on the l
Re: scale particle over lifetime
by Roland R. Kahlenberg 14 years ago
Use a property mapper that goes from full-screen, dark gray to full-screen, white for the duration that you want your particles to grow. Ensure that this is done in a precomp. Then just link scale to
dv start stop detect help
by jordanderson 14 years ago
Is there anyway to change the subclips created from dv start stop detect into their own little files instead of just being refrences to the huge chunk of video
Re: dv start stop detect help
by jordanderson 14 years ago
when i do that it just creates subclips, which are refrences to the origional huge media file. I want to break up the actual media file into smaller segments so I can move the exact clips i want into
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