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(SOLVED) Brand new GH5S just static screen? Is this thing broken?
by jim galer 8 months ago
edit: Updated the Metabones firmware and all was fixed. Whew false alarm!
Noob question Re: GH5s and V-Log
by jim galer 8 months ago
I'm researching this camera tha GH5S and have seen a lot about V-Log. My question is regarding exposure. When shooting, do you just expose as you normally would using histogram etc Is there a benefit
Re: Noob question Re: GH5s and V-Log
by Mike Most 8 months ago
It's not binary choices. You can actually have proper craft and good material. You can have top quality images and a good story. You can have better approaches and simple ways to make it sing. All one
jim galer liked this 8 months ago
CC Snow with transparent background?
by jim galer 10 months ago
So my workflow is a bit off since I am editing the video in Premiere but I want to use AE's snow on top of certain clips. I'm trying to import an AE composition with just the snow falling and lay it o
Re: CC Snow with transparent background?
by Cassius Marques 10 months ago
Apply it to a solid and uncheck "composite with original". PP will only see the rendered output from AE, so you'll have to reapply the blending mode there. (its lighten by default) Cassius Marques www
Workflow for lowering exposure on windows?
by jim galer 10 months ago
I do some low-end real estate photography (HDR) 5 exposures and sometimes I want to use one of the lower exposures to show the outside of an overexposed window. I use lightroom to merge them and I not
Closed Caption not showing in Program window
by jim galer 1 year ago
I am working on my first broadcast commercial and it requires CC in the file. I have 2 problems. 1) I can get the CEA-608 Caption to show up in the program window. But the line disappears after like 9
2 microphones, 1 has audio too low
by jim galer 1 year ago
So I got sent a video project I'm trying to help a friend with, and they had 2 wireless microphones going into one camera, they apparently did not sound-check very well and now we have one speakers vo
Re: 2 microphones, 1 has audio too low
by jim galer 1 year ago
Hmm... not sure if you are just being a smart ass but I'll give the benefit of the doubt and assume I didn't explain it right. There are two People talking throughout this seminar, one of their microp
What is the smallest file size settings for proxy?
by jim galer 2 years ago
Hey kind of a noob, But I am trying to do a web workflow with proxies - what format would you recomend if the quality of the proxy doesnt matter I am only doing simple in out points on my laptop and I
Premiere "not responding" only in ONE sequence and only when I click media file.
by jim galer 3 years ago
So this is strange, I've been working on a project for about a week and I have a bunch of different sequences in it (about 8 comps) - everything was working fine while editing. *Note: I tried this SAM
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