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Creative director at Filthy kids production, president at Association 615
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December 2nd 2013
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I've been working on many film projects, commercials, my speciality is film and music videos.

I have excelent skills at:

After Effects
Sony Vegas Pro
Final Cut Pro
Premiere Pro

this is my YOUTUBE channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/GnasniDeca

This is my last 2 years work- SHOWREEL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH_Iuh4AgVU

Until now i have won several awards for short movies in Macedonia, and done videos for many famous producers, dj's, as: Martin Eyerer, Mauro Picotto, Rainer Weichhold, Oliver Klein, Manuel Bachano, Kling Klong Records, Alchemy, Blu Fin, Boundzound, Amsterdam Dance Event and many more.

Also I've been directing videos for Macedonian artists as: Naum Micevski Ganata, Poetika, Stihovno vojuvanje, Strogo Doverlivo, Viktor Apostolovski, Filip Todorovski

I'm president and one of the founders of Associaton 615, Citizent Association for organizing RAVE and massive events at forgotten and forbiden places in the underground in Macedonia. Until now we have organized lot's of ,,underground'' events, and promoted different styles of independent music as dubstep, dnb, techno, minimal, alternative rock, our mission is to bring back the RAVE culture.

Youtube channel of all Association 615 events:


I'm working on my own project which i named it ,, IR Holo Marketing'' I want to create new form of advertising using infra red lights and mobile phone cameras. Also I am looking for partners to import first holographic film, and infra red touch panels in Macedonia which are going to be evolution in the advertising.

I'm investigating, and creating software and hardware for patenting my invention. Any help and investitor is welcomed

Specialties: photography, video, light, sound, storyboarding, managment, creative ideas, commercials, movies, directing, comunication, infra red marketing, advertising, hologram,
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