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Scene Cut Detection
by guy atia 10 months ago
please i cannot find the Scene Cut Detection in DaVinci Resolve 14 i attach screenshot
Re: Scene Cut Detection
by Marc Wielage 10 months ago
It's covered in the manual. On the Media Page, right-click on the file (in the source drive) you wish to scene detect and import. I'm not sure which page in the Resolve 14 manual covers it, but do a s
i need to cut the original clip to 2 parts
by guy atia 11 months ago
please i new in final cut pro i only used the "b" ( blade ) key in the time line to cut clip to 2 parts than delete the second p art than export the clip (part 1 the of original clip) that all i know
Re: i need to cut the original clip to 2 parts
by Joe Marler 11 months ago
Use the "R" key to draw a yellow range box in the timeline for the part you want to export. Then do File Share, etc. and it will only export the portion highlighted by the range box. You can then do t
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