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Smooth gradiente morph background
by gustavo gontijo 4 years ago
Hi! Can someone give me a tip of how to make a good version of this: https: film smooth-gradient-background-transition This was made just with 4 different images and cross dissol
Re: Smooth gradiente morph background
by Kalleheikki Kannisto 4 years ago
Should be as simple as three or four solids with these colors using feathered animated masks.
Blend Effect
by gustavo gontijo 4 years ago
Hi! First time posting here, I hope to solve this issue :) I've made this scatch of animation: http: enredo wp-content uploads 2015 10 acttive.mp4 _=1 Now I'm trying to make it smoo
Re: Blend Effect
by Roland R. Kahlenberg 4 years ago
You'll need a technique similar to this - http: tutorials 48. This should also be helpful http: 2013 11 tutorial-how-to-animate-still-photos-in-after-effects HTH - Rol
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