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I Used to be in Video production and am now trying to get to grips with digital video editing.I see nothing changes you buy three programs befor you realise that none do as they say and only half work.You spend more time playing computers than getting on with the job.
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January 1st 1970
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Manchester uk
davinci resolve 15
by glenn dale 3 weeks ago
Hi All Just try ing to download the free version of this soft ware. When I try and run the downloaded software I am getting an error clenqueuemarkerwith waite cant be found in dynamic link library. i7
Re: davinci resolve 15
by Ricardo Marty 3 weeks ago
You might be able to download and install win 10. Its depends on your hardware. Do a search for the win 10 comparability tool. it will let you know if your system can run win 10. Ricardo Marty
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Applying transitions to stills
by glenn dale 13 years ago
I am trying to apply the same transition to approx 500 stills.Within Adobe Prem Pro How can this be done without having to add each transition manually. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Glenndale
Re: Applying transitions to stills
by deq blaque 13 years ago
hi i am on a limb here, since i have just begun working with premiere 7. as a sound engineer, i am just trying to produce some raw footage of my time in beijing (now living). ok, the prob is this, i a
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