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Re: He's back...
by Oliver Peters 4 years ago
I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but I don't have a single problem with anything he said nor how he said it. You all want transparency in a company, but then you don't like the answers. I'm not fond
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Re: SoftImage and Industry consolidation: Cautionary tale.
by Jim Wiseman 6 years ago
We might also want to be prepared if subscription and customer dissatisfaction with CC as a rental puts Adobe in a bad place economically. At this point we really don't know if the rental uptake will
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Re: Viewing Alexa Log C Footage in Final Cut Pro X - From Abel Cine
by Jeremy Garchow 6 years ago
Michael Sanders "How many amateurs shoot Log C on an Alexa " Many. So many. So so many.
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Re: Will CC Kill Off Adoption of After Effects by the Next Generation of Motion Graphics Artists?
by Andrew Kimery 6 years ago
Richard Herd "I'm not trying to bust anyone's ball(oon)s here. I think it's important to point out the difference between important words like democracy, capitalism, and rent. Making the software ava
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Re: The FCPX Personality Types
by Julian Bowman 8 years ago
Hang on. There is the techniques forum. It is apparent to most that this forum is about people's feelings of X. The 'cheerleaders' are just as bitter and snide and rude as the 'whiners' though from my
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