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My name is Jonathan Capra, but Fongaboo is my real-life nickname that has pre-dated the Internet. People actually call me 'Fong' most of the time, even at work.

Currently a system administrator by day and a video production student by night.. tryi... [more]
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October 28th 2002
365 Posts
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Albany, NY
Technical Information:
System Details:
Intel Pentium III 1Ghz
Abit VP6
Windows Me
1gig PC133 SDRAM
20gig 7200rpm system drive
90gig 7200rpm RAID0 array
120 gig 7200rpm external firewire drive
Matrox Millenium G400 Max
SoundBlaster Live
ADS Pyro Firewire card
3com 10/100 Ethernet
Personal Information:
-Ham Radio
-Video Editing (on VegasVideo and FinalCut -Pro especially)
Comments and Things Worth Noting:
My influences:

Nam June Paik
Chris Cunningham
Mr. Show
The Daily Show
The Ed Sullivan Show
Goddfrey Reggio
Ridley Scott
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