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Cinesky, In search of Blueskies
by falk eggert 7 years ago
With the weather forecast turning from bad to worse in Cape Town and the low season setting in, Cinesky moved up country to service a string of clients in Bloemfontein and Johannesburg. The first stop
falk eggert 7 years ago
Convergent Design has announced the latest upgrade in the Gemini 4:4:4 software. The Gemini 4:4:4 now offers support for multiple formats and DNxHD proxy recording. And the possibility to out put 422 Mov. files, without the need to transcode .DPX files. The new software upgrade that unlocks previously unavailable formats, including 1080p30 1080p50 1080p 59.9 and 1080p 60, will be a considerable bonus to film makers using the Cineflex system.

“We eagerly await the release of this upgrade, as it will further the options that Cinesky can offer its clients, when using its Cape Town Based Cineflex” Falk Eggert from Cinesky added, “Convergent Design has been a first class company to do business with, in terms of their ‘bomb proof” products and sterling after sales service.”

In addition Convergent’s marketing director, Dan Keating, announced that the GEMINI RAW recording capability will be released simoultaneously.
Eastern Cape Feature Film Success with Cinesky
by falk eggert 8 years ago
Its been a very busy week for Cinesky team having just ended a week of aerial filming. The Cineflex system has returned to Cape Town after a very successful feature film shoot, Himmel Ueber Afrika in
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