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avi or movie clips as particle replacement
by dickie ilagan 11 years ago
Hi People...!!! Got for you... Is it possible to import avi quicktime clip format as emitter I mean, lets say i made a single and flapping butterfly, and render it as avi or quicktime format and want
Re: avi or movie clips as particle replacement
by Alan Lorence 11 years ago
We just talked about this. Look at the posts in the "video or animation as particles" thread (it's just 4 topics down from this one!) Alan. www.wondertouch.com
HD resolution output
by dickie ilagan 12 years ago
hi i tried working on HD resolution and under my project setting - stage size was set to 1920x1080, 30fps and imported a picture as bkg (res same as HD size). Made some keyframes on emitter with a to
Re: HD resolution output
by Dex Craig 11 years ago
Hi, there -- Is PIRender included in the demo I can't seem to get an HD size project to render on the mac; my largest monitor isn't large enough to allow a 1920 by 1080 window. I do find "PIRenderBatc
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