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Editing Demo for critique
by derek drouin 13 years ago
Hello all, Here is my editing reel for promos and spots, I want to use this reel to try and get more work in trailers and commercials. Its a tad rough. (a composite still needs to be finished) Any com
Re: Editing Demo for critique
by Clint Nitkiewicz Hernandez 13 years ago
this is pretty good i think, might want to bump up the resolution if you could, check out mine if you get a chance, thanks demoreel.html Clint Nitkiewicz Hern
Editing Reel for feedback
by derek drouin 13 years ago
Hello, This is my first demo reel, and its a bit rough (one piece has unfinished greenscreen) and I would very much appreciate some criticism. I am hoping this reel can start me down the path of film
Ok, seriously this time:
by derek drouin 13 years ago
http: clients derek username: clients1 password: review1
raw footage
by derek drouin 14 years ago
this may be a ridiculous question but here goes... Im aware that some film schools will provide raw footage from an old television show to have their students cut. my question is would there be some r
Re: raw footage
by Chad Treanor 14 years ago
I cut the bank robbery footage together on a linear JVC SVHS system when i was in school (august '03). My class at the Art Institute of Dallas slacked on it, but those of us who were into it put some
say you wanna work in film marketing
by derek drouin 14 years ago
hello, would anyone have insight into the process of working in film trailers has anyone ever heard of a spec film trailer on a reel before , would getting a job at a trailer cutting house require one
Re: say you wanna work in film marketing
by Keith Carunida 14 years ago
Derek, Trailer houses won't usually hire editors w o previous trailer cutting experience. I think you have to start at the bottom and work your way up.
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