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Website images not displaying after server upload
by Christian Faulkner 6 years ago
Hi There, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem ive been facing. I have designed and uploaded my website and everything seemed to be working perfectly on my xampp preview, but when i
Re: Website images not displaying after server upload
by demetri tashie 6 years ago
make sure your images are in the correct place: you seem to have the image called out ( kitchen.jpg) in your img folder, (which btw is the same location where the header image is...) as opposed to ins
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Retriving CSS from cache
by Josh Spivack 6 years ago
About a week ago, I did something stupid and followed it up with something smart. The stupid thing was, in word press (theme is avada), I reset our options under the "theme editor." It was my expectat
Re: Retriving CSS from cache
by demetri tashie 6 years ago
hi josh. on the one hand - way too much information given, and on the other hand - not enough clarity on the actual task at hand. it did take me a while to figure out what you were asking. I don't wan
HTML/CSS force images to same line
by Nick Summers 6 years ago
Hi my favourite cows! I am more of a Photoshop guy than an HTML CSS dude, but I do my best to learn of fantastic forums such as this one :) I have spent a lot of time on my site. I always used to use
Re: HTML/CSS force images to same line
by demetri tashie 6 years ago
that should work fine - for the simple example I sent along. but by just saying 'div' in the styles, it is now telling EVERY div to be 1040px, which is probably not what you want done. so give that di
Cross Fade Image Gallery Messy On First Load
by Simon Matthews 6 years ago
Hi, I have a banner with a cross fade image gallery. When you load the page for the first time (when it isn't cached) all of the images load up one after the other on top of each other, which looks me
Re: Cross Fade Image Gallery Messy On First Load
by demetri tashie 6 years ago
sorry for jumping in here.... simon - the very first example (Variations on the basic crossfade) from Simon Battersby's Jquery image crossfade that Curtis provided for you is exactly what you are aski
eamon white 6 years ago
could u look at this as soon as you have time
eamon white 6 years ago

wondering if you could help me again( thanks for all your help)

I have created a lightbox type gallery. Everything works fine when i use the original art.swf the loads in the middle of the gallery like i want it too (the stage is 600x600pixel) then when i use the art2.swf which has the art.swf loaded into it art2.swf(1000x700px) is moves the larger image. How do i fix it so that the larger image will appear within the frame?
eamon white 7 years ago

how do i get my thumbnail to load and larger image when clicked? and then when clicked of the larger image the larger image is remove and you can see my scroller again?

Javascript to kill overlay background
by Stefan van Mourik 7 years ago
Hey there, I'm fairly new to javascript and I'm working on a responsive website. I would like to kill my overlay background if the resolution width of the browser is less than 940 px. Anyone knows how
Re: Javascript to kill overlay background
by demetri tashie 7 years ago
you could use javascript, and you would probably want to access the documents window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight and manipulate it from there. it is not as straight forward as you might think. i
external Swf and center it
by Ricky Milling 7 years ago
Hi i have created a page that takes a external swf file (as it means i only have to update this one) and then displays it, however i would like it to be in the center (horizontally) and the react to t
Re: external Swf and center it
by Sam Mattern 7 years ago
You can do a combination javascript flash solution using ExternalInterface. Write a javascript function that monitors the window size and calls a resizer function in your flash document, passing the w
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Full Width Navigation Bar Problems
by jamie wilson 7 years ago
Hi, I have had a problem with making this nav bar 100% width for ages. I'm not sure if the problem lies with the container or the header.container. I was hoping some pro could take a look at m
Re: Full Width Navigation Bar Problems
by demetri tashie 7 years ago
you need to work with target either the li or the a element and change some settings. you could for instance give each list element a fixed width, or you could increase play with the padding or margin
AJAX to PHP return code.
by Lauren Brogan 7 years ago
I'm just getting into coding with AJAX and am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to use AJAX code that returns content from a PHP file. I basically need it to pass in a page name and have the PH
Re: AJAX to PHP return code.
by demetri tashie 7 years ago
if you work through these simple tutorials, you should get a good understanding of using AJAX to dynamically load contnet: http: ajax default.asp they go through step by step how to
Flash only works when on test mode but not in Live view - Dreanweaver CS5.5
by Gary Acosta 8 years ago
I'm trying to embed a flash on html and I can't get it to work. Below is my code: <!-- flash content here -- <!-- flash content here -- It works when i removed this code:
demetri tashie liked this 8 years ago
Re: Flash only works when on test mode but not in Live view - Dreanweaver CS5.5
by Carey Burgess 8 years ago
Hi Gary, Your code is not showing up, but my guess is that the SWFVERSION within the code may be set to a non-existent version of Flash Player. Check in the code for two instances of the "swfversion="
demetri tashie 8 years ago
hi ian, i am answering your last post to me privately,as i am not sure if you are asking to hire me for this small project or not, as it does seem like it is a comemrcial venture, and not something someone is doing 'just for fun and learning'

i did a temporary mock up to show you the basics of how it would work. it has a functioning pause button, as well as the next and previous buttons. of course the issue for a video like yours is where to place the cuepoints in regards to the transitions. ideally there is some point in the transition where there is just the effect, and none of the transitioning scenes showing. that would enable you to use that point as the cue point. since yours has a cross fade effect, i had to choose a point just after the swipe effect ended. that could be modified.

also , i took you for your word and made the pause button exactly that, a pasue button. you do need to click a next or previous button to start up again. if you really want a pause/play toggle button, or 2 separate buttons,that could be done also.

the working example is a raw swf you are accessing to view, so the actual video quality will not be maximum as it is struggling to resize to your browser dimensions. once embedded in html to its correct native size/resolution, it would be fine. you can see this example at

i always think it is best to embed the cue points during encoding. it is easy to do using the Flash Video Encoder/Flash Media Encoder. as such, it would need to be embedded in any flv you swap out. if you use the same cue point names, then you don't need to modify the swf at all.

if you chose to use actionscript(non embedded) cuepoints, you could theoretically swap out one flv for another, as long as the length of each section is the same( i.e. the cue points would fall at the same place in either flv). hope this is making sense

you can discuss anything with me at tdemetri at
you will go into spam folder, butdon't worry, i will get your message. you can reply to the spam filter request if you want.

we can come to an agreement to hire me, or even trade services( what does your company do??). or if not, you are welcome to ask more questions in the forumt thread, and i will help with any specifics of thre process that you are struggling with.

Ian Rajkumar 8 years ago
I sent a mail to your inbox, check it out
Neha Gandhi 9 years ago
As i already know that there is a in-built flash globalization packge in Flash Player 10, but that package doesn't have anything that can convert english to spanish. So i searched a bit and found out that there is IResourceManager in flex that we can use, so imported framework_rb.swc and rpc_rb.swc files in the library. Now i have access to the classes, but somehow its not doing anything. Please see the pasted code below:

import mx.resources.*;
import flash.display.MovieClip;

public class Global extends MovieClip
public function Global()
var resourceManager:IResourceManager = ResourceManager.getInstance();
var moreResources:IResourceBundle = new ResourceBundle("en_US","rb");
//rb is file which contain OPEN=Ouvrez

moreResources.content["OPEN"] = "Ouvrez";
moreResources.content["CLOSE"] = "Fermez";
resourceManager.localeChain = ["fr_FR"];

trace(resourceManager.getString("rb", "OPEN"));// outputs "Ouvrez"

Help me out here.
demetri tashie 9 years ago
hi fernando - how are you doing ? i hope it was ok jumping into that accordion spry thread. i thought i could help out the guy with javascript.

there doesn't seem to be much discussion here on integrating javascript with dreamweaver. i wonder why that is ?

anyway - ¡ Feliz y Prosperous Año Nuevo !
Fernando Mol 9 years ago
Hi, Demetri. Of course it's OK to participate in any thread of the community. We don't always have all the answers or the time to debug each question to give a proper solution, so help is always welco [more]
demetri tashie 9 years ago
yeah, of course that makes sense- that the forum is mostly beginners. i would love to ( also in the Flash forum ! ) have room to expand conversations to more advanced concepts. i for one would sure ha [more]
Inserting embedded youtube code into a layer
by jack fox 9 years ago
I am trying to insert embedded youtube code into a layer using Dreamweaver 8. Is it possible jmf
Re: Inserting embedded youtube code into a layer
by jack fox 9 years ago
Thanks, if there as an answered button I would push it. jmf
demetri tashie liked this 9 years ago
demetri tashie 9 years ago
hi andrew,
glad you liked the slide show and now it makes sense and works for you.
i'd be glad to do something else. write to me at tdemetri at earthlink dot net and we can'talk'.
Neha Gandhi 9 years ago
Hi Tashie,

Its a audio streaming sync issue.

I have the audio live streaming using

I have this image which i want to animate using this live stream. To be more precise, audio live stream is attached with stethoscope on my machine. so when i tap on stethocope, i hear taps. What i wanna do is bounce this image with the tap.

It would be great if anybody could help me out...
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